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January 14, 2018






For many years I’ve said when ministering in churches that when I die and go to Heaven I hope those I leave behind will remember the main point of all my messages: “What does the Word say?”

After all, what I preach or others preach isn’t really very important unless it’s verified and backed up with the Word. And you should realize something else I’ve preached for 30 years or more—“There is more scientific proof to support the Bible than any other single piece of literature known to man.” That’s a fact! And it’s not by accident. Jesus the Creator said in Jeremiah 1:12: “I watch over my word to perform it.” That’s a scripture that you should commit to memory because it’s one of many proof text to substantiate not only that the Bible is true but also that God is obligated to “perform” His Word for us if we are in covenant with Him.

Yes, all these things are true. Yet it’s so sad to say that most, probably 95% or more, of Christians live well below their means of what God intended simply because they do not believe the Word and appropriate God’s promises to their situation. They pray for God to heal them but then they don’t appropriate the correct remedy to bring about their healing. They pray for finances to pay their bills but then they don’t appropriate the promises of God where finances are concerned.

In 1985 the Lord told me that the main reason He left the Bible was “to meet the needs of mankind.” All the promises for your life are in the Word but you must learn them and appropriate them during your life’s journey here.

I remember a woman at our church, Lakewood Church, back in 1979 who had a dream. Pastor John Osteen used to relate this dream often in his preaching because it’s a truth for most of the body of Christ. In the dream the woman was on an ocean voyage aboard a lavish cruise ship which had everything that any person could ever want. It was beautifully decorated and she had a huge stateroom for her journey.

The woman found herself at the Captain’s table at dinner. Everyone was so stunningly dressed for the sumptuous banquet that the talented chefs had prepared. As she looked around the table, she saw all of her favorite foods—king crab, prime rib, Rib eye steak, fresh smoked salmon, caviar and other delicacies. It was all there for her enjoyment and she couldn’t wait to partake of this glorious meal. But then she looked down at her plate and found a sandwich wrapped up in wax paper. She unwrapped the sandwich and discovered that despite all the sumptuous foods there for her enjoyment she had chosen a peanut butter sandwich to eat!

Now the first time I heard this nobody had to interpret the meaning for me; it’s quite clear what the dream meant. The woman had so much elaborate provision provided for her for the ship’s journey yet she chose not to partake of it! Yes, it was there all along but she chose the provision that was way below where the Captain expected her to live on this journey.

Most of the Church is this way. The King of Kings has provided everything that they need for the journey of life for which they were created yet they choose—it’s their choice—not to partake of the finest of the land that the Lord has provided. So sad.

We just celebrated Christmas. The birth of our Lord. God so loved the world that He gave His most precious Gift--the Word, Jesus Christ. If this witnesses with your spirit then I hope you will make a New Year’s resolution to spend more time in the Word and meditation on the Promises of God. It’s only as you spend time in the Word and get the promises down into your spirit that they will be available to you in a time of need. Praise the Lord! He is faithful and He watches over His Word to perform all that He said He would do. You can take that to the bank!

We hope you have a blessed and prosperous New Year.

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