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November 3, 2016, 2:08 PM

Touch a Life Today


Many years ago the Lord taught me the importance and value of one single life to Him. He sent me to the Philippines—at my own expense—to minister to one, single woman—a twenty-two year old woman who was the daughter of some missionaries there on a small island. She was planning on marrying a man the Lord did not want her to marry; he was not a Christian. She was under a spell and I had to take her off that particular island to minister deliverance to her. As a result of that assignment I realized how important each of us is to the Lord. And isn’t that what we see in the Gospels—Jesus emphasizing leaving the 99 and going after the one?

Reach out to someone today; touch a life and change a life.

Sometimes God sends you to them; sometimes he sends them to you. A young man reached out to us over the internet for deliverance about 7 years ago. He lived overseas and I don’t remember how he learned about our ministry. He was in a dark place and he, too, was being pressured by the enemy to marry a woman the Lord did not want him to marry. His parents were complicent in that they wanted him to marry her. And although we’d never met any of them at the time, I knew that this woman was demonized and not the one God had for this young man. Today he is happily married to a woman the Lord chose for him, has a family and is involved in ministry.

Reach out to someone today; let God use you as a change agent in somebody else’s life.

About 30 years ago I was living in the Houston area and I picked up a copy of the Houston Chronicle one morning and read the story of a Dr. Irri—a medical doctor in Illinois who had become addicted to drugs. At the time the article was written he had been arrested and was sitting in the county jail awaiting sentencing. His wife, too, had become an addict. I felt compassion for this man so I reached out to him. I phoned the sheriff’s office in that county and got the information to write to him. I wrote a long letter explaining his need for Christ and Jesus’ ability to set him free from this problem and restore his promising life as a medical doctor.

Now the interesting thing about this was the Lord said nothing to me the whole time but as soon as I dropped the letter to him into the mail box outside the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and I knew that this was pleasing to the Lord.

We’re supposed to be like Jesus; therefore, we should be moved with compassion like Jesus was (and still is) for the lost and this sin-sick, crying, dying world. Let the Lord use you each day to touch somebody's life in an impactful way.




01-12-2017 at 2:56 AM
Dear pastor Timmons, Do you have an email where one can reach out to you. i recently started reading your Book on the Mysterious Secrets of the dark Kingdom and since then the Holy spirit has been waking me up at 2am to study the book( real studying, taking notes etc) and to read my Bible, pray and based on your advise on the book i also pray in tongues daily( still not up to 1 hour, but i have been slowly building up to 30mins). This has gone on now for 10 days every single day. i will like to find out more. kindly update an email( the church email will do as well). thank you
11-04-2016 at 9:36 AM
Joanna belmont
I Love the heart of God for the hurting. Thank you.
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