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The Real League of Heroes
October 6, 2016, 2:26 PM

Working on some messages I will be ministering next week in Michigan.  I will be ministering on “The Real League of Heroes.” 

What’s your kryptonite?  It’s probably not what you think…  All Christians have the same kryptonite designed by the enemy to bring them down, make them powerless; it’s called, living a natural life – living like the world.  Think about it.  If you live a natural life the best you can hope for is to finish your life with the least damage and die of natural causes.

Heaven’s hero Jesus is looking for His league of heroes; Christians who refuse to live a natural life, but instead live the life of a spiritual super hero bought with the blood of the Hero of heroes, Jesus Christ.  Those refined in the furnace of affliction and infused with His DNA which is his DEVIL NEUTRALIZING ANOINTING to go about doing good and rescuing those who are broken and lost. 

If you live this supernatural life, walking in the DNA (anointing) of God you will not only storm the gates of hell as a mighty warrior but when you leave this life you will walk through the gates of Heaven as more than a conqueror – a hero under the command of the Hero of heroes…….  Next week we will learn how to do this……….

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