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October 2, 2018, 2:22 PM

The greatest weapon we possess is prayer. The Church is the only body that has spiritual authority in the Earth today so only the Church can turn the tide of demon forces.

In 1997 when we ministered in South Africa, we flew direct Capetown from the USA and when the plane landed in Capetown and we got off the plane I began to hear in the heavenlies the sound of swords clashing. I looked up and there was mighty warfare going on above the nation of South Africa. I saw Satan running up and down his lines shouting, “Hold your position.” We shared this in the convention where we ministered in JB—that the greatest warfare in the world was going on over the nation of South Africa at that time and that if the churches didn’t pray and engage the enemy in warfare the nation would be lost. Well, they didn’t take this “word” seriously because the nation is in complete shambles now.

Fast forward to 2018, the greatest warfare in the world is going on over the USA and sad to say, very few churches even know anything about spiritual warfare much less engage in it. But like the Republic of South Africa, let this be a warning to the Church in America—if you don’t engage the enemy in battle with spiritual weapons the USA will be lost by 2020!

If you follow our ministry then you know—because it’s a matter of record in books and teaching articles that we’ve written—that we prophesied in May, 2005, that “the Democrats will win Congress in the 2006 election and after 2008 the USA will go downhill really fast.”

The most wicked king of Judah was Manasseh, a son born to the godly king Hezekiah who, interestingly enough would never have been born had Hezekiah’s life not been extended 15 years after he was supposed to die. Manasseh ruled longer than any other king, 55 years, and he instituted child sacrifice! The people were encouraged to bring their babies and burn them on large altars in a religious ceremony.

In June of 2015 when Donald Trump announced his candidacy, I went into the bedroom, shut the door and began to pray. The Lord showed me that Trump would be elected in 2016; however, my sense (this is an impression; as discussed in Revelations from God, vol. 11, an impression is the lowest form of a revelation) was that he would only serve one term. In fact I got a lot of flak about this on Facebook and through emails from Christians and ministers, not prophets, who said, “No, two terms.”

During this prayer time, the Lord showed me that He was raising Trump up like a Cyrus, that he would be a Trumpet to herald evil and corruption in government, and that he would also be like Josiah. Remember, and you should meditate on this today because it’s right there for you to see today 3 years later if you have the Eye of the Eagle, Josiah became king when he was only 8 years old because the priest had “hidden him in the house of God for 7 years” while Athaliah usurped the throne by killing all the male babies except for Josiah (she didn’t know that he was alive). Now if you read Josiah’s legacy in 2 Kings or Chronicles you will see that he brought the nation back to God—the nation had sunk so far that the temple was not even kept up and the Book of the Law was not even used—in other words, like America today, the religion had become secular humanism.

But now don’t forget this part, Josiah was killed in battle and after his death the nation continued its slide into apostasy and captivity from God’s judgment.

Here’s the point of what I am saying today because, as we’ve preached for decades, “It’s one thing to prophesy something and quite another to live through it.” Remember, Elijah prophesied that it would not rain (or dew, in other words, no moisture) “except by my word.” Obviously the drought began to affect him as well. Of course, and this is a further lesson for you, God will take care of His own during times of famine and drought. But now we are having to live through the effects of the Trump presidency in exposing the darkness of government that is the USA right now.

So the Lord was saying, “I’m giving you a 4 year window (Trump’s first term) to repent, change things.” But if we don’t continue to support Donald Trump in prayer and use our spiritual authority to stop the attacks against him by the Shadow government controlled by Satan, then he will not be elected to a second term and the nation will continue its slide into apostasy and destruction. Please make it a matter of utmost urgency that you spend a minimum of 1 hour a day praying by the Spirit for America and Donald Trump.

This morning I was speaking with a pastor friend in Michigan and the Lord reminded me of a vision that He had given me of the Supreme Court back in 2005. We published it in Revelations from God, Vol. 1, p. 123 back in 2007).

Read the vision and you will see that the Lord is trying to reestablish justice on the Supreme Court through Trump’s picks. Judge Kavanaugh is the second; he is the Lord's pick,  but if we don’t pray he will not be on the Court. So pray for him each day this week that he will be confirmed and God’s justice can flow from the Supreme Court.

Vision of the Supreme Court

Libby, Montana

December 30, 2005

(taken from Revelations from God, Vol. I,

CCI Publishing, 2007)

It was during the President’s nomination and Senate confirmation hearings for two Supreme Court nominees – Roberts and Samuel Alito. I was laying in the floor of my living room in Montana praying when a vision broke and I saw the Supreme Court of the United States – there was a huge river of blood flowing down the steps of the court.

Numbers 35:33 says, “Bloodshed pollutes the land” and the highest court of our land has contributed to much bloodshed, especially through the Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973. God is judging this nation as a result.

The vision did not speak specifically about abortion although this is the greatest sin in America today and is no doubt a reason for blood to flow down the steps of the Supreme Court. Rather the vision speaks in general about the lack of true justice in our land today. Remember, God judged Israel for this; the book of Amos is full of this indictment.

It’s one thing for injustice to occur; however, and quite another for the third branch of government – the branch that is supposed to endorse and uphold justice – to make decisions having nothing to do with true justice. This causes the innocent and the poor to suffer the most and ultimately will bring God’s judgment/justice to pass upon America.

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