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No Future in the Past
March 6, 2016, 11:13 PM

We have had a dear friend Kathy visiting us.  She and I were setting at the kitchen table talking about life and lots of other things.  Little John was sitting there listening as he likes to do.  John said to us, “If you bring your past into your future your future will be the same as your past.”  A pretty profound statement for a 6 year old!  I’ve thought about that statement a lot.  It goes along with many things that my husband and I have written over the years.  So many people let their past dictate their future. When we do this it is difficult to  break free from the failures of the past. When you are a born again believer you don’t have an obligation to the past.  The past is gone, dead, buried – washed in the blood of Jesus. 

The following paragraphs  are some exerts from an article I wrote in February of 2009 titled “There Ain’t No Future in the Past.”  You can read the full article on our website under the teaching letter archive for 2009. Read the article, it will help you.

I think that Paul probably more than any other writer of the New Testament understood the effect that our past can have on us. Paul seemed to understand the importance of the past, the present and the future. If you can understand the importance of each and how to put them in proper perspective you can walk in a level of freedom that many people never reach. With the world in the turmoil it is in and the return of the Lord drawing near it is especially important that we understand these things.

We are a three part being spirit, soul and body and we are perfected or matured on three time tables – past, present and future. As we walk through this life we have an obligation to each phase of our life. (1) We are to learn from the past (2) We are to work in the present and we are to (3) Hope in the future.  Each aspect of life past, present and future  work together to cause us to be the person that we are. But many people only live in the past.

As I am writing this blog this evening I know that some of you are bound by failures and disappointments of the past – everything you do is filtered through past experience, past failures  -  it has stolen your dreams and hope, it has tainted your faith.  You have tried many times with no success but today is a different day. Forget the past.  Let the word of God be the  filter in your life for your present and future.  Let the hope that is only found in the Lord Jesus Christ be your compass on your road to success.

Let me know what is on your heart and what the Lord is saying to you.   Remember this as you go through life this week – you are loved deeply and eternally  by the King of Kings, the King of all creation and there is nothing you and He can’t do together. Today is the day you can begin to slay the giants in your life.

I pray the blessing of the Lord upon you today – I pray that you have ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. I pray that you would break through in areas that you have struggled in for a long time. I pray Ephesians 3:16-21 over you. 


I love you,



12-15-2018 at 6:07 AM
Phanuel Paul Kyombo
I am blessed and I am so much interested to join your Bible School.
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