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Today is Easter Sunday—the day we celebrate the greatest day in human history. Is Heaven rejoicing with us today?

We used to live on the Kootenai River outside of Libby, Montana, where the Lord had us start a church in 2002. We learned about eagles living on the river and watching them fly up and down the river fishing for their living. We saw their every day fight with the osprey over fishing rights. We watched them build a nest across the river in the top of a tree and saw them raise their young. Did you know that an eagle’s nest weighs about 3,000 pounds? Those aren’t small twigs they’re building with! We also watched closely through a telescope one day as a hail storm with frightful size stones pummeled the area. That mother eagle spread her wings over the eggs to protect them from being destroyed. Such a great picture of Psalm 91 and other Scriptures that speak of the Lord as a great eagle spreading His wings to protect His children.

A few years before when we lived in Helena I had framed a picture of a bald eagle fishing on the river. I still have that picture in my study here at our Colorado house. One day while I was looking at the picture the thought came to me: “Must Jesus fish alone?” I typed and made a caption and placed it on the picture—“Must Jesus Fish Alone?”

Another Gospel

A few weeks ago we released our 8th book that the Lord has given us to write titled ANOTHER GOSPEL. The book discusses a number of things the Lord began showing us shortly after He moved us to Montana in 1997 and began to reveal that there was a false church masquerading as His Church. This false church has many local churches throughout the world on every continent. They all have one thing in common—they preach “another gospel, another Jesus and another spirit” which is not the Holy Spirit but rather a religious spirit.

Because I did not feel led to write a 900 page book I limited discussion of many of the “other” gospels that are preached today. I only devoted a lot of pages to the most prevalent false gospels like the Prosperity Gospel as it’s preached today.

One of the gospels that I only briefly mentioned, however, the Needs-centered Gospel came back to my mind this morning at 3 a.m. as I was awakened by the Lord for prayer. Many of these false gospels have similar characteristics as I mention in the book. For example, they all have three identical characteristics: 1) they are man-made, 2) they are sensual (cf. 2 Peter 2) in appeal, 3) they are “naked religion.”

One of the most prevalent “other” gospels is the “Needs-centered Gospel” which brings us to the title of this blog—“Must Jesus Fish Alone?” The “Needs-centered Gospel” is very sensual in nature—after all, we all have needs that we’d like for the Lord to meet, don’t we? And let’s face it He does!

In April, 1985 I was staring out the window of my living room one day as it was raining—I wasn’t reading the Word or praying or doing anything spiritual. The Lord suddenly spoke and said: “Do you know why I left the Bible for mankind?” I replied and gave Him a few reasons. Then He said: “The main reason I left the Bible was to meet the needs of man-kind.” Wow! It didn’t strike me at the time as being a great revelation like other things He has spoken to me over the years but the more I’ve meditated on it these last 34 years the more I’ve come to realize the wisdom of God in that statement. The Word will meet any need that you have in your life! But that shouldn’t mean that Jesus should fish alone.

During the time that we lived in Helena, we attended a church for a brief time that I nicknamed “the fortress of boredom.” One Sunday the Spirit of Prophecy came upon me strongly and I prophesied something that was not welcomed by the pastor or probably most other folks in attendance but it was the truth. The Lord said, in essence, “This is what you do to Me when you pray. You bring a laundry list of 10 items to Me and pray over them. I answer items 1, 2, and 3. But instead of thanking Me and praising Me for answering those prayers you say, ‘What about items 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10?’”

Christian friends, I know most of you who read our teaching articles and blogs don’t think this way but Jesus is not some glorified bell hop at a five star luxury hotel who only exists to meet our every need. So must Jesus fish alone?

Perhaps you’ve never thought about it. But if you haven’t you should start. Because as I shared in Another Gospel in the last chapter on “The Glorious Bride Church,” if you don’t care about your husband’s body and His needs then you probably are not going to be part of the Bride of Christ.

So, does Jesus have needs? Hey, just get this straight, it’s not about you and it’s not about me! It’s about Him! And in case you don’t know it the Father is very, very proud of Him! You see it when you’re in the Throne Room!

So the “Needs-centered Gospel” has its priorities wrong. The focus of our lives should not be on getting our needs met but rather our focus should be on Him—praising Him, thanking Him, honoring Him and worshiping Him.

As I wrote in Mysterious Secrets, the main purpose for the creation of man was to take the place of Satan when he fell. He was the glorious angel, Lucifer, who was in charge of worship in Heaven. Our purpose is to: 1) worship Him, and 2) “take dominion over the earth and subdue it” as the Lord said to Adam.

Jesus gave us “all authority” in Heaven and earth (Mt. 28). We are to submit to Him, honor Him and obey Him. And that means we should re-examine our lives this Easter morning—Resurrection Sunday—and ask ourselves if we are fulfilling the Great Commission? Are we “going into all the world and preaching the gospel to every creature” or must Jesus fish alone?



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Mlungisi Rapolile
Hi man of God. I always thank God daily about your book. Secret of Dark Kingdom.
I want you new book of another gospel, I'm in South Africa. My email is
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