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I Looked For You Today
February 3, 2018, 4:11 PM



I looked for you today; couldn’t you tell?  Didn’t you see me? Did you hear my voice?

Don’t you remember your prayer to me early this morning? You said, “Lord,

I want to see you today; I want to walk with you and hear your voice. I want you to show me

Your face.”

And so I did. I answered your prayer. I walked with you and talked with you. But it seems you were distracted—too distracted to recognize me when I spoke to you. Don’t you remember my words that I am not a God who is far away? I am always near to you. But you don’t often see me or hear my voice.

I know, the world has a way of taking you away from me. That’s why I left you my word—to help you renew your mind to think the thoughts of God—to recognize me when I appear to you in the world. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways; neither are my words your words, saith the Lord.”

Didn’t you know that it was I who came to you and asked for food on that desolate street corner today? If you had looked into the eyes of that old man you would have seen my eyes. Do you think that you are the only one who has needs? Don’t you think that I have needs and wants? It was I who had a need for food today in the starving body of a man. Had you looked closer you would have heard my voice speaking to you.

And it was I who spoke to your heart through the touch of that little girl—the one that you thought looked so sickly. Yes, she is sick. And it’s only the sick that need a physician. So why wouldn’t you look for me in her eyes? Why didn’t you allow me to meet her need by ministering healing to her?

Oh, I know. Most of my people think I can be found in a church building but I am seldom there. Seems I’m not invited around much anymore. They have everything under control with their services and don’t want my input. So sad that they cannot find me in the world that I created.

Although I created this world it’s not the same now—sin has distorted all that you see and hear. My creation sinned against me and they continue today. But I have a body in the earth; I never left the earth except in Spirit. When my physical body ascended I left a physical body—my Church—behind to carry on the work to restore the earth to the creation I designed for it.

But most of my Church has become distracted. They no longer hear my voice or see my face in Creation. They look for me in the silence of prayer not realizing that I am speaking to them from the shadows of my earthly created human beings. Look around you. Open your eyes. “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision.” For the world seeks love and hope but they don’t know where to find it. They don’t know me and they don’t recognize the enemy who is at work among them to destroy all the good that I created.

So remember your thoughts and actions today. Repent and look for me. I am giving you tomorrow as another day to see me in the face and hands of those who need me. Reach out your hand to them and it will be my hand. Speak to them and it will be my words. Show the world that I am not a silent God but I speak through the lips and actions of my people.

“For as you have done it to the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.”




12-23-2018 at 6:33 PM
Lekue Paul Elijah
This past year Nov. 2017-Nov.2017,I have bought and read a library of spiritual books by many authors yet it continually impressed on me to obtain all your books apart from MSDK which I read in 2013,hence I have made it part of my new year resolution to obtain all your books before the end of 2019. May the Good Lord bless and fulfill my desire ,Amen ,Shalom.
02-24-2018 at 10:03 PM
DeniseAnn Crenshaw
Such a truthful rendition of the current state of affairs in our nation. However, I do believe that the FATHER is about to show Himself very strong and that His Body, His chosen elect, will soon be greatly empowered as America does a 180 turn in all areas of life to serve Him. Not all, of course will turn, but I believe many will.

This may be because of supernatural miracles, disasters, plagues, etc., but the FATHER will get our attention as a nation, I believe. Then, America will be leading in calling the entire world to the attention of the true and living GOD. I just believe, I just believe.

Hopefully the vision that you have been given will be a big part in this turning back even now, but for sure during the millenium. Love you both very much.

Blessings and shalom.

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