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March 11, 2017, 2:52 PM

Are you establishing the Kingdom of God in your town?

In Luke 11 we see the testimony of Jesus regarding an interesting fact that you've probably never thought about unless the Holy Spirit brings it to your attention. Jesus was casting a dumb spirit out of a person and boy do we need more of that today, especially here in America where there are so many who are "dumb!"

But in this Scripture, the religious leaders in Jerusalem were always trying to find some fault with Jesus' teachings and actions. So in this case they accused Him by the following statement found in v.15:

"But some of them said, He casteth out devils through Beelzebub the chief of the devils."

And as was so often the case, because Jesus is the Word and He is Truth the Master Rabbi corrects their error by telling them that if what they asserted was true--that He was in league with Satan--that would mean that Satan's kingdom was divided and thus it could not survive. He said,

"Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against itself faileth." (Luke 11:17)

And then Jesus goes on to say, "But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you. When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace: But when a stronger than he shall come upon him, and overcome him, he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted, and divideth his spoils."

Now we all undertand this. The Kingdom of God is much more powerful than Satan's kingdom of darkness. But notice carefully the words the Lord spoke. He said that if He was casting out devils by the power of God, then "no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you."

Remember, and it's stated succinctly in Acts 1:1, Jesus "taught" and He "did." The two go hand in hand. If you tell me that you can do something but I never see you do it then I might not believe it as much as if you "tell" me and then I see you do it.

But when I read this chapter again this morning I was struck by Jesus' words in v.19--"But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you."

I was reminded of a revelation that came to me as our family was driving up to Alabama from Florida a few years ago. We were driving through a small town in southern Alabama when I said to Ev: "You can always tell you're in the South because every hundred yards there's a police car and a church." But then came the revelation which has to do with Jesus' testimony here in Luke 11: I said, "With all these churches in town, how come the devil's still in charge of the community?"

Now that applies to almost every community in America and most if not all of the world. And, my brother and sister, I think it's a terrible indictment against the Church! We are not establishing the Kingdom of God in our communities, cities and states.

Jesus said and demonstrated that when we dislodge demons from people through deliverance ministry we are establishing the Kingdom of God in that area because we are driving Satan out. But few, few churches are involved in any type of spiritual warfare--that is a sad fact. In fact, it seems that cities here in the USA such as Tulsa and Colorado Springs that have so many churches and ministries are worse off and seem to have more demon power than other cities.

So what are we going to do about it?

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