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December 25, 2019, 5:00 PM




December 25, 2019

Traditions are important in any culture—and each culture may develop different traditions during certain generations. All these help define the zeitgeist of a particular generation. And make no mistake, often evil spirits can lead to the changes in a culture. I’ve noticed over the years how the zeitgeist of America often influences many if not most societies throughout the world. This should not be the case. Instead, Christians and the Church of Jesus Christ should be the largest influencer in the world.

Many of our friends are Yoruba which is one of the largest tribes in West African countries. Recently I was ministering at an African established church in San Jose, California, and I remarked to the pastor and his wife one of the great traditions of Yoruba culture that seems to be disappearing since I first went to West Africa in 1988. In Yoruba families the children are taught to prostrate themselves before their parents when they first get up in the morning—this is done as a show of honor and respect and I believe that the Lord loves it because it is a demonstration of both humility and of the Word!

The commandment to “Honor your father and mother,” was discussed by both Jesus and the Apostle Paul as being very important. And don’t forget as Paul reminds us in Ephesians 6:2, this is the first commandment with a promise. That is one of the reasons why I remind rebellious children and their parents all the time of this fact—if you don’t honor your father and mother then “it will (not) go well with you and you won’t live long in the land." John Bevere did a teaching series on honoring parents a number of years ago and demonstrated this fact—that children who don’t honor their parents will  not prosper in this life.

Sadly, this tradition among Yoruba families seems to be disappearing. Why? Well, it’s the fault of the parents, isn’t it? If you don’t train your children correctly and instruct them as to the importance of family and cultural traditions then they will disappear.

But as Christian parents, God expects us to train our children correctly. That means according to the Scriptures. And that means we must teach them about the importance of Christmas , Easter, etc., so that they will know the importance of Jesus’ sacrifice for their lives. We always encourage our children to develop a close relationship with the Lord and time is required to do this. We tell them that we might not always be there to pray for them if the Lord tarries His coming; therefore, they need to develop their own tradition of spending time with the Lord to develop a close relationship with Him.

One of the traditions of our family is that we always read the Christmas story on Christmas morning before any presents are opened. And we discuss as a family the importance of what both Jesus and the Father did by Jesus’ life on earth and His death on the cross as well as other spiritual effects of His sacrifice such as His being beaten savagely before going to the Cross so that we might enjoy divine health.

Our children are blessed in that they have witnessed many of the miracles of God so they are not weak in faith. They have seen how our trust in the Lord as our physician has kept our family members in divine health for decades.

This morning as we were reading the Christmas story, I was struck by the fact, my brothers and sisters, that it is an insult to Jesus when we don’t take His Word for a fact—when we don’t honor His sacrifice of being beaten and wounded that we might walk in health ((1 Peter 2:24). As I remarked recently at a church in Michigan where we were ministering: “If the Apostle James was writing his epistle today instead of to the first century church he would have to change it from, “Is there any sick among you?” to “Is there any well among you?”

As we celebrate this great day of “the Word becoming flesh,” I want to encourage you to examine the traditions in your own family. Remember, your kids will do and believe what they see you doing. Make the decision to live your life by the Word and become a demonstration of the Word.



01-02-2020 at 4:39 AM
Robert Loh
May the man of God be lifted high in Jesus' name.
Please, how do I get your book titled ANOTHER GOSPEL?
I live in Accra, Ghana
Email address
Tel. +233 (0)544239715.

Thank you for your help.
12-25-2019 at 6:07 PM
Debra Frazier
So wonderfully put. WISDOM
has a sound like no other. When you read or hear something that's the Wisdom of God
You not only change your thinking but it
Strengthens an gives understanding
Where there wasn't any. Praise the Lord.
Merry Christmas. Love y'all
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