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Choosing the Ancient Path
May 29, 2017, 11:46 AM





“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;

And lean not unto thine own

Understanding. In all thy ways

Acknowledge him, and he shall

Direct thy paths.”

† Proverbs 3:5-6



God created you with a free will. That means you have freedom of choice each and every day. That is powerful! And we see throughout the Scriptures a principle of God related to this—He gives us the choice to “choose life or choose death” but He always encourages us through the Word and His prophets to “choose life.”

Now I’ve also learned through many years of ministry and prayer from the Holy Spirit something interesting that I tell Christians who are having difficulty with their decisions. In fact, this principle will also help you discern whether something, e.g., a person, law, agenda, work or even ministry, is of God or not. And that principle is quite simple. If it is of God then there will be calm and quiet and no pressure for you to decide a certain way—in other words you will have free choice.

But if it is of Satan—perhaps a scheme or trap that he has laid for you—then there will be pressure, sometimes extreme, for you to choose one outcome over another. A perfect example of this is when the Lord sent me to the Philippines in 1996 to rescue a 22 year old woman who was about to marry the wrong man—he wasn’t even a Christian. She was under a charm of witchcraft to marry him and her parents were missionaries on this island. In fact, the charm was so powerful that I was unable to dissuade her to change her mind about marrying him. So what did I do? Well, I did what you should always do when you know the will of the Lord and have a “Thus saith the Lord” for somebody. You fast and pray.

When I was praying at home in Austin before going the Lord said to me: “The day you arrive on this island, I want you to fast and pray for 3 days and I will give you the battle plan.” So I shut myself up in a Nepa hut when I arrived for 3 days and fasted. Then after 3 days she came over to the Nepa hut and I met with her. Yet I saw that she was not going to change her mind. Now most people would have just let it go at that, after all she has a free will right? Yes, absolutely! But listen closely—and it makes me and the Lord both very angry and why He hates the spirit of witchcraft—Satan was interfering with her right to choose—he was influencing her to choose the destiny that he had for her. Now I could write for hours about this subject because I’ve encountered this charm and witchcraft often in Nigeria and many Nigerians, especially ministers, know about this particular charm that is often called “Change of Destiny” where a person through witchcraft and purchasing this charm can actually steal the blessings and destiny that God has for you.

But I don’t want to discuss the witchcraft involved in this blog today; just suffice it to say that if you are feeling unduly pressured—and we saw it in our own church in Libby where another 22 year old young woman married somebody that was not God’s choice for her as well because God had called her to the mission field and that was where she was to meet the man the Lord had for her—then recognize that it’s not the Lord and make the other choice.

Some of the spirits we deal with all the time in deliverance are the spirits of control—these are the “low level devils” as we call them who work on a person to force them to choose Satan’s path. They have little power and that is why there are often many of them attacking one person at the same time. They are reinforced as I wrote in MSDK by the 8 Powers and 4 Principalities or they would be quite easy to cast out.

Now a person being attacked by these spirits, and unfortunately it’s often by a spouse, will be manipulated  into making the decision that person (spirit of control) wants you to make. And you will often, in fact almost always, find that initially this manipulation—which is in fact a subtle form of witchcraft—will take place through words or actions. For example, it’s quite common for a woman to withhold sex or something from her husband as a means of manipulating him to do her will. And it’s quite common for a husband to use money as a tool of reward to control his wife. Recognize that this is not of God and over time it will destroy your relationship. God gives you the free will to exercise choice; Satan will drive a person through demonic influence to make the choice he wants them to make which can often have devastating or life ending consequences.

Normally, this cycle of control continues until the method no longer works, e.g., words or behaviors. Once that method no longer works then the person doing the controlling must choose another way to hold you captive to their ways. And the last stage of this is always violence! That person will become violent resulting in abuse. The abuse used to be verbal—now it is physical—manifesting in a husband beating his wife or even more so today a wife beating her husband. If the person threatens to leave, then the last means of control is always suicide.

“If you leave me I’ll kill myself and then it will be your fault.” Now in the case of Amy in the Philippines, there was no violence because when I saw that she was not going to change her mind I told her parents: “Amy is under a spell of witchcraft. She is going to marry him unless I take her off this island.” Now we didn’t tell her that of course. I just took her with me and she accompanied me on the rest of my ministry work there for the next few weeks doing some pastors’ conferences, etc. But the very minute I got her off that island the effect of the witchcraft diminished and she was no longer “in love” with this man. To conclude this part of the testimony, she phoned him from Manila where we were staying and informed him that she was breaking off their engagement. What did he do? He threatened suicide and this almost worked. Had I not been there to warn her that this would be the tactic of the devil against her to control her she would have taken the bait and gone back. Today she is happily married to another Filipino man and living in Washington state.

So remember, that when it comes time for decisions, it’s very important to especially follow one of the 23 ways I’ve learned from the Scriptures that the Lord speaks to us—follow peace. If you don’t have peace about it don’t do it! And very often you will find, in fact most of the time, where Satan’s decisions are concerned there will be much turmoil.

Now let me share a fact with you. It’s a fact that I know you will agree with but you probably haven’t thought about it much. God knows the future, right? But He not only knows your future, He also knows your projected  future (this is the Gift of the Spirit known as The Word of Wisdom). When you come to a fork in the road and have to choose which path to take how do you decide? I’ve written a few poems—some love poems to my wife Evie and some prophetic poems to others. One of my favorite poems since I first read it is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

I always encourage Christians to “soak it in prayer”; especially if it’s a life changing decision such as choosing a spouse or moving to another place. God knows the outcome of “the road not taken” just as surely as He does the road you choose! He knows if it’s a trap of Satan to kill you or one of your children, e.g., you are trying to decide whether to move to a lovely house on the river but it’s a trap that will cause your 3 year old to be killed through drowning. God knows the outcome of all of our decision trees and that’s why it’s so important to hear clearly from the Lord in all important decisions of your life. It’s okay to make plans for the future; we should plan for ourselves and our children, etc., but don’t forget when it comes to


I hope you will remember something that I say every day to somebody. In fact, I tell Christian friends all the time, “I hope when I am gone from this earth and you think of Brother Timmons, that you will have positive thoughts of how I’ve helped you in your journey on the Ancient Path and above all—when you think of me—the words will come to your spirit from my voice in the grave: “What does the Word say?”






03-09-2018 at 6:27 PM
Pamela King
Excellent!! Thanks so much!
07-22-2017 at 12:22 PM
Dear Pastor Timmons, i have been trying for days to get the pdf of your book "Mysterious Secrets..... ". every site i get to wants something from me, or ask me to download a software i dont need. I am ready to pay for the pdf of your book so that i can carry it around on my ipad and not have to carry the book. However, it seems its impossible to do this without these sites selling other merchandise. One of them wants me to use paypal, but paypal is not available for Nigeria. i am fustrated and would appreciate your advise. Again, i am willing to pay for it !!! Thanks Bolade
06-14-2017 at 7:50 AM
A great message that conveys God's wisdom to us to enable us live the abundant life God intends for us
05-29-2017 at 11:07 PM
Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for this blog!
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