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Scripture references: Isaiah 49:1-13; Zechariah 13:1-9; Hab. 1:2-4, 2:2-14;

Mal. 4:5; Ez. 2:5; Jer. 6:13, 14:18, 23:11, 28-33


As most of you know, every Christian is called to ministry and to be an ambassador for Jesus Christ but not every Christian is called to a Five-fold ministry office—most are not. Unfortunately, however, like everything else God wants to do man and Satan try to interfere to stop the plans of God from coming to pass. Satan’s motive is always the same. Men, most of the time, are unwitting accomplices of the devil.

And even among those that the Lord calls, few are chosen. If you’ve read any of my writings before then you know that in December, 1989, when I was preaching in Akure, Nigeria, I did an all day teaching session for pastors who had come from all over Nigeria. The night before as I was preparing the message the Lord spoke the following: “Many are called, but few are chosen. And the reason that they’re not chosen is because they aren’t willing to pay the price.”

And like everything the Lord has said to me I found this years later while reading the Scriptures. He called His disciples to Him and from them He chose the Twelve (Lk. 6:13).

But for everything the Lord wants to do Satan has a counterfeit—that’s a fact! And we’ve found that many if not most Christians are easily deceived by Satan’s false ministers because the anointing is so close to the real thing. That’s why I caution Christians all the time not to be fooled by false prophets. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not realizing that although we are under a “better covenant” based on “better promises” people are still the same. Just like there were more false prophets than genuine ones in the Old Testament so also today under the New Covenant there will be more false prophets, teachers, apostles, pastors and evangelists than genuine ones.

Now, not all of these false ministers are ministers of Satan; many are just pastoring when they are not anointed by the Spirit for the office of pastor. The same is true for the other 4 offices. Most “apostles” today are false apostles simply because they choose to be known as such because it’s the “in” thing to be if you want to be known. But just understand as I say all the time—it’s only the anointing that determines which office, if any, you are called, chosen and anointed to stand it. You cannot make yourself an apostle or prophet simply by putting it on a business card or your website.

Once you understand that then you can see how Satan attempts to thwart a move of God by sending his counterfeit ministers and causing confusion in the Body of Christ because most Christians do not have a good gift of Discerning of Spirits (1 Cor. 12).

That is one reason that we have so many Balaam Boys as I refer to them who are liars and false ministers but people give millions of dollars to them every single day because they don’t realize that just because they name the name of Jesus and go on some blasphemous “Christian” website doesn’t mean they are speaking for God! In fact they are not because the Scriptures bear testimony about them over and over in both the Old and New Testaments.

This brings us to today and what the Lord is doing in the prophetic move and office of prophet and why. If you will read the reference scriptures you will understand why and what His purpose is even though the coming of this large company of Elijah prophets was prophesied in the Old Testament, especially in Malachi 4:5, and Jesus referred to this scripture as well and not just when He was referring to John the Baptist.

If you listen to the two CD teaching message I ministered this time back in 2005 titled, The Spirit of Elijah, you will find proof from all of these scriptures that John the Baptist only fulfilled the scripture as the forerunner to Jesus’ ministry as the Lamb. There is also coming a great company of Elijah’s to fulfill these scriptures regarding being a forerunner to the second coming of the Lord.

And if you read Malachi 4:5-6, 1 Kings 17-19 as well as study the Gospels you will learn some things about a person with the spirit of Elijah that will help you understand Jesus’ next appearance not as a Lamb but as the Lion of Judah! Remember, the two Hands of God are mercy and judgment. The first appearance as a Lamb was for mercy; the next appearance as a Lion will be for judgment on the Great Day of the Lord.

Thus we would expect this Spirit of Elijah prophetic move to have an emphasis on Judgment and indeed it will! The Lord is going to come swiftly and cleanse His Temple and we know what those temples are. This time just ahead will not be pleasant for all the Balaam Boys & Girls.

In 1988 at the birth of the prophetic move and beginning restoration of the prophet’s office the Lord sent me to a conference of “prophets” of whom I knew none of them but He did send me to give a prophecy which is for all genuine prophets. The gist of the prophecy had to do with integrity, honesty and time spent in preparation before the Lord for your call as a prophet (prophetess).

Then I spoke the following that I still remember because it as a quote from Isaiah 59:19—‘“So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in, (comma added here by me instead of after flood) like a flood the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him” and you are the standard that the Lord is raising up!’

So we have been waiting for the day for the Lord to release this great company of Elijah prophets that He has been preparing since 1988. Many that He called back then have succumbed to the spirit of Balaam and the spirit of Achan that is loose in the churches as I prophesied at a church in Tulsa a few years ago. Others that He called have decided that they want to be apostles instead of prophets. Still others succumbed to one of the five G’s—gold, glory, girls, etc.

Now what is interesting about the vision last night was something I had never anticipated. My wife and I have been in ministry all our lives since we were kids. We’ve established churches here in USA and abroad. But the Lord told me back in 1998 when we were living in Elliston, Montana, during the years He shut us up and revealed the false church through visions, dreams and revelations over 8 years, “Son, don’t ever forget that I have called you to Africa.”

Although we do have some white friends I’ve seen over the years that our ministry is mostly to people of color and although we’ve ministered in Asia, Europe, Mexico and 35 other nations including the Indian Nations or First Nations People, mostly we are called to people of color and mostly to what the people of West Africa call “Black Africa.”

During my second trip to Nigeria in 1989 from April to the end of December, the Lord told me why this was the case when I queried Him about it. Now if you’re from Nigeria don’t get mad at me but I learned during my first visit to Nigeria in 1988 that Nigerians are the most corrupt people on the planet and the main reason is because of their spiritual and generational heritage of worshiping idols and practicing witchcraft.

But if you can get a Nigerian saved and they stay saved then they can be a tremendous force in the Hand of God for good because they understand spiritual combat and they are not above praying all night which is something you rarely see in the West.

But their temptation is to Baal and Mammon. They want to be rich and this leads to corruption both inside and outside the church. Since South Africa dropped apartheid the country has been ruined by Nigerian gangs selling dope, stealing cars and killing people for no reason.

So it’s just like the Lord to do something about that and the way He’s going to do something about it is interesting. Because the black race has arguably been the most persecuted and abused group of people they took matters into their own hands through NAACP and other groups here in America—in other words they want man to do something about it. The problem with that, however, as we’ve all seen, is that men are corrupt and corrupt people can never bring about the justice (judgment) of God to alter a situation. Now I’m not saying that all those involved in the Civil Rights movement here or similar groups elsewhere in the world are corrupt but the fact is—just like we see with all the denominational church groups that have departed from the faith—it has come about through the doctrines of men.

And, unfortunately, the race card has become a political football, especially for the Democratic Party here in America. But let me ask you a question if you are a black person—do you think the Democratic Party cares about you? Even more, do you think that any man cares about you more than Jesus does?

I’ve preached it many times—racism is the stupidest thing in the world! It’s like a person saying, “I’m better than you are because I drive a red car and you drive a white one.” And if a person is a racist God hates it because it’s demonic and also a form of pride that made the devil fall. But it takes many forms as I learned when I first went to West Africa. Everybody there is black so Satan can’t use race to divide. So what does he do? He uses tribes! I’m Yoruba so I’m better than you, etc. It’s used throughout the African continent (remember the horrible Rwanda genocide of the '90s). In South Africa “coloreds”—a mixture of blacks and Indian people—are despised more than blacks. But don’t forget, it can be found in every race. I remember when the black pastor of the First Methodist Church in Houston ministered at Lakewood Church back in the early ‘80s and he said that the Lord had convicted him of “hating white people.” So just because you are black doesn’t mean that you cannot harbor racism in your heart, if so like anybody else you need to repent of it.

But people have a “need” to be vindicated; it’s something you have to overcome if you’re a Christian. We see much in the Psalms, primarily from David, who asks the Lord “to vindicate me.” My wife has had the Lord speak directly to her about this back in a time when she was being persecuted as a minister in her church for, among other things, because she was “spending so much time in prayer it made the other pastors on staff look bad!” Imagine that. And all those who were persecuting her she could have hurt because of confidential information that she possessed but she said and did nothing until the Lord told her it was time to leave. But He spoke to her about vindication. The Lord will always vindicate us if we keep our hearts pure and our mouths shut and don't try to vindicate ourselves!

So this brings us back to the black race because it is time for their vindication. In the vision I was ministering in a small African church, more like a home church. The Lord spoke powerfully to me about this upcoming prophetic move and said, “In this next move, I am going to honor the black race.” When He said that I looked at a young man (everybody in the church were black people) and spoke to him, “The Lord just showed you what He said to me, right?” He nodded his head yes so I said, “Get up and prophesy it” and so he did.

So the Lord is going to use an Elijah company of black prophets (prophetesses) to begin to “cleanse the lands” and establish the glory of the Lord upon a country or city. This is the “standard” that the Spirit of the Lord is raising up against the devil. Now I’m not saying that they will all be from the black race because if you’re called and chosen it will only be because you have a pure heart and have prepared yourself to serve the Lord and Him only. In the past, too many—in fact most African ministers I’ve met—are not in the ministry because God called them but rather as a means to make money. But you cannot serve God if you have ulterior motives in your heart, especially if you are called to be a prophet or apostle because they are the foundational ministries (Eph. 2:20). The Lord will demand absolute integrity and purity of heart. Be certain to read the scriptures given above regarding this prophetic move for greater details.

Remember, every Christian has a two-fold destiny—a destiny in God and a destiny for God. If you never fulfill your destiny “in God” then how can you fulfill your destiny for God? Our purpose at CCI is to help people fulfill their destiny, praise the Lord!








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